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Faith Sharing

Faith Sharing


What are Small Faith Sharing Groups?

Ideally a group of 2-8 like minded people who meet on a regular basis, weekly or monthly, to share in the faith.

Meetings are held at a home and are usually about an hour or two.  A DVD, a cup of tea and some good conversation.  Somebody needs to facilitate the group and not necessarily the host(ess).


How do I facilitate?

A pamphlet is available  providing  a suggested format for a gathering.  No special skills other than a willing heart and a desire to share.


What do we discuss?

Material will be provided by the core team at the Parish to get you started.  Best to choose a topic from the DVD’s available for use, available from the core team.

We would love to have as many groups as possible in the Parish.  Should you wish to start a group of your own or just be part of a group, please let us know.

A form is available on the notice board to leave your contact details or:


Please contact either:

Donna Swart                  Cell No: 081 571 2245

Karen Oliveira                Cell No:  072 387 5782


Ecclesia (1)



Small group members are encouraged to meet at homes with parishioners in the community. These groups are there to  walk a journey through times of reflection on the scripture readings and apply the lessons learned to their individual lives.

The term “Ecclesia” is an ancient Greek word used in the bible to refer to the communities of Christians who used to regularly gather together for prayer, fellowship and teaching. In other words, the word means “congregation” or simply, “church”. Today we are encouraged to continue this  tradition: to gather together as small Christian communities; to dedicate ourselves to fellowship; and to commit ourselves to the teachings of the Church of Christ! – this is quoted from the Ecclesia “Brave New Church” a season that we as Small Faith sharing Groups have journeyed. This programme and all the material have been produced by the Centre for Pastoral Development in the Archdiocese of Cape Town.

If you wish to gather together with fellow parishioners of our parish to pray, reflect on the scripture readings and fellowship, you can start today.

Ecclesia – The Joy of the Gospel inspired by Pope Francis.

This is an opportunity for all  Parishioners , including youth (Catechetics) and young adults(GAP) join or hosting a small group.  We have various groups starting the week of 4 October. This is a six week series with an excellent DVD and guide.

1) The Mercy of God                                 2) Evangelisation,

3) The Joy of Encounter                            4) Missionary Disciples

5) Spirituality                                           6) A Church for the Poor.


DVD(R50) and step by step guide(R20) available now.

Contact:  Tracey Le Roux on Cell No: 083 441 9086    or email: