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Parish Information

Contact Details

Parish Priest

Fr Carlo Adams

Tel No: (021) 556-4498


Assistant Priest

Fr Christopher Ovies

Tel No: (021) 556-4498


Parish Deacon

Gary Lawrence

Tel No: (021) 556-5922

Cell No: 083 693 3214



Parish Secretary:

Melanie Pisanello

Tel No:  021 557 6780

Cell No:  067 037 4526  (Church)




Leo Sforza

Tel No:   021 557 6780

Cell No:  082 493 4582



Catholic Lay Counsellor

Corina Pedder

Tel No:  021 557 8657


Child Safeguarding Coordinator

Joe Araujo

Tel No: 082 469 2974


Preparation For Baptism

Parents & Godparents of children requiring Baptism must first contact Fr Carlo Adams, parish priest for an appointment to discuss your upcoming request for Baptism, then attend the Pre-Baptism instruction, which is given by the Parish deacons in the Parish Centre at 10:30am on the last Saturday of each month.

The next Pre-Baptism instruction will be given on Saturday, 31st August 2019