My lips will shout for joy, when I sing praises to you; my soul also, which you have redeemed. – Psalm 71:23

Music is integral to the celebration of any liturgical event. The voice of the assembly is the primary voice in any liturgy. Singing unifies and deepens our communal prayer. Singing together, we become one body in Christ.

The gift of music is a treasure to be shared. Our parish has a wide variety of musical experiences for parishioners of all ages. We are constantly welcoming new members to our ensembles. Whether you play an instrumentalist of any kind or would like to lend your voice, you can be sure that you will be joining people with whom you will share many wonderful moments of making music and lively fellowship.

“He who sings, prays twice.” St Augustine of Hippo


Saturday evening

5:30pm Mass – Choir


7:30am Mass – Choir

9:00am Mass – Choir

10:30am Mass

5:30pm Mass – Youth Band

8:30am Mass – Melkbos Folk Group

This choir practices every Tuesday evening at 6:00pm (for the 7:30am Mass)

The choir practice every Saturday morning at 9:00am (for the 9:00am Mass)

We are currently looking for new choir members that can join the 10:30am every Sunday. If you can play and instrument such as violins, guitars, bass and flute. Anyone wishing to get involved with this ministry is welcome to contact the parish office on tel no: (021) 557-6780

New members in all choirs are most welcome!

You can contact:  Farayi Kambarami    on cell: 076 266 0427   or email:

If you are in high school and are interested in joining the Youth Band, contact Bee on 076 837 4385 or

  • They practice on Tuesdays at 17:30-19:00 and lead worship every 2nd Sunday at the 17:30 Mass.