Wardens and Ushers



Wardens are to arrive at church at least an hour before the time to open the church doors, check that the church is clean from the previous Mass. Check that the toilets are clean from the previous Mass and open all windows, and leading doors into the church.

Wardens are there to do the collections during Mass. They are there to make sure that the Mass is run smoothly.



Ushers arrive early so that they can hand out liturgy sheets, Southern Cross, make sure that the votive candles have been changed in the Candelabra. Ensuring that the collections run smoothly (first and second), and allocating the Gifts to a couple. The Ushers are there to find space for parishioners to sit when the church is full.  Handling general enquiries from parishioners.

Meetings are held twice a year – before Easter and Christmas.


The Ushers will assist the Wardens with collection time.