Social and Fundraising

The Social and Fundraising  Group is the longest operating group in the Parish.  It started when Fr Ward  built the Church of the Resurrection and moved here, a small group including Albie Prinsloo  were the first Committee Members to arrange functions to raise funds for the new Church.

Subsequently there have been a succession of parishioners involved in raising funds, many of whom are still in the Parish and are now grandparents but continue to support the various Functions.

Always the accent is as heavily Social as fundraising.

Our Parish has always been vibrant and generous and over the years different age groups have come forward to assist in projects.  A Morning  Market in the early years was almost an annual function.   This is one of the best projects from a parish community point of view.  All ages participate and “run” a Stall.   It has general appeal to the parishioners who give tremendous support on the Day.  The present Committee intend to have a Morning Market early next year. Our Golf Day has been a successful event as well.

Over the years we have also arranged Theatre outings which include a Cheese & Wine Party, Dances, Bingo Evenings, Food Fairs, Women’s Day Teaparties and Dine & Quiz Evenings.

Throughout the years the Committee have been a group of men and women of varying ages who enjoy and have fun working together for the enhancement of our Parish.

If  you have a passion for organizing events or know how to raise money to help build the church and the community, please join our Social and Fundraising Committee.  The committee meets once a month.

Contact:         Colleen Eagar            Cell:   083 728 6684