50/50 Club


50/50 Club was launched approximately 10 years ago. The objective for the 50/50 Club was to raise money for the church and at the same time you the parishioner will also benefit from this as well.

This would mean that you will get 50% of the winning and the church will get 50%.


How does this work.

You as a member will join the club and pay R120 annually. This is actually R10.00 per month. Each club member will get a number that you keep safe. There is no limit of members to join. For  example if you want to enter three times, you will get three separate numbers and you will hand in R360.00 which will cover you for three chances per month. The more entries the more the       winnings will be at the end of the month.   At the beginning of each month the draw takes place after the 9:00am mass. Your number gets drawn and then you are contacted by the committee member informing you of your winnings. So 100 club members at R10.00 per month will come to R1000.00. 50% – R500 goes to the winner and 50% R500 goes to the church fundraising.


  1. No specific age restrictions but if under 18 parents need to be reliable for the
    monthly / yearly payments.
  2. Entry forms to be completed in full and on a yearly bases.
  3. There will be a draw held on the first Sunday of the month after the 10am
    mass. You do not have to be present when the draw takes place but you are
    welcome to attend.
  4. Subscriptions cost R120.00 annually which will run from September — August
    each year.
  5. Prize money of 50-50 depends on the number of people that join.
  6. No prizes will be paid or delivered to any one but the actual prize winner.
    Results will be posted in the liturgy bulletin. You will also be contacted.
  7. The decision of the 50-50 Club shall be final for the Committee of the Social and
    Fundraising in all matters.


Please …..

Give your support to the Parish by becoming a member and by entering for this exciting draw each MONTH — help this essential work on raising funds AND give your self the chance to win a substantial money prize!


The more people who join the scheme the faster work can be carried out and the greater the prize fund — why not try to persuade a friend to join as well. If each person who joins gets just one extra person to join as well then the prize money doubles.

  • The odds are better than the lottery,
  • The special cause is our own,
  • And it really could be you!


Contact No:   Pat Wrensch                      Tel: (021) 556-5140         Cell: 073 206 9649

                    Stephanie Guldemond        Tel: (021) 5560291          Cell: 084 756 0297