COVID Vaccine Registrations

The Government is inviting you to register for a free vaccination against the COVID-19 virus. The registration is currently open to people that are 60 years and older.

If you are you in need of assistance, registering for the vaccine, a COVID officer will attempt to assist you with the registration process.

When seeking help you will need to bring the following with you to church

  • Identity Number
  • Mobile number
  • Medical Aid number (Optional – Only if you have one)

You can also self register here, on the governments website

You also can find additional information here

Please remember the following

  • Vaccination is voluntary
  • Everyone who registers will be offered vaccination. The Government will start with people over 60 years and older and move down the age groups as quickly as possible
  • When it is your turn, you will receive an SMS with the date, time and place for your vaccination.