The Parish Library was opened and blessed by Fr Hulgraine on 30 November 2000 (20 years ago).  We have received books generously donated by parishioners over the years and we are constantly looking to add new, good conditioned books to our Library, so please consider donating your books which you have read –  we would be extremely grateful.

There are books on the lives of the Saints, Bible Study, Inspirational Spiritual reading, Care and Counselling, The Rosary, Prayer books, Children’s Books, Marriage & Family and many, many more.

Some of our books got damaged in the recent winter rains hence our appeal for more books.  We also have DVD’s and some audio CD’s .

The library is always looking for “book lovers” to volunteer their time to maintaining the library with Kerry. 

  Library hours:
  Wed after morning Mass
  Sat evening before and after Mass
  Sunday mornings.

  Do you have a passion to being a librarian contact Kerry and offer your services.


Office 021 557 6780
Kerry Gilowey 083 396 3443